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Kimball Sterling Outsider Art Auctions  Good guy,  good art.
Folkartnet    is a fine gallery in Roanoke,  Virginia run by Bill Jones.   Bill helps many hard-to-find-artists,  but best of all  he has great contacts with Mayodan, North Carolina's  Benny Carter.   

Jean-Michel Chesné  is an artist of many talents.  His drawings are represented in this collection.   His outdoor folk art environment in Malakoff  France,  la  Grotte-Chapelle ŕ Malakoff,  attracts world-wide attention.        Turhan Demirel  a collector in Wuppertal Germany  has assembled this fascinating gallery of European art brut and American outsider artists.   His collection focuses on true "Outsiders" in the spirit that Roger Cardinal coined the term in 1972.  Turhan welcomes critical comments and observations about the collection. 

Bob Hart's
   September 11 Memorial Garden and Trail  in Athens Georgia is a stirring outside art environment.  Bob has constructed a gently winding  forest trail of several hundred yards,  measured by 99 tall signposts containing the names of every person killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks on America.  The trail begins with  Elie Weisel's words,  "Memory may be our most important weapon against fanaticism, " and then leads you past sculptures in rock, wood and steel that retell what happened to all of those individuals on that day.   Bob's trail will leave you with a profound feeling of connection to those who perished.  Directions to the trail are in Bob Hart's website. 

Interesting Ideas  Bill Swislow's site contains an amazing collection of outsider art, self taught and folk art links. 

jane's addictions  is an unbelievably good  index of everything that has anything to do with just about everything for sale and not for sale in  FocalArt Gallery -- and more,  a whole lot more.  

Self-Taught Folk Art   David Crotty has compiled terrific images and information on outsider and self-taught artists, including many of the artists shown in FocalArt Gallery,  but much more. 

Folk Art Society of America
   The premier non-profit organization advocating  the discovery, study, documentation, preservation and exhibition of folk art, folk artists and folk art environments, also  publishing its quarterly journal,  Folk Art Messenger  

Intuit    The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art,  headquartered in Chicago, Il.

Inez Walker collectors have to see this site featuring text and beautiful images of some of her earliest prison work.

DanekWorld  Marvelous site dedicated to  the art and memory of Karolina Danek.

The Art of Wesley Willis   and his music are showcased at this website.